Simultaneous with Raymond Moody’s landmark book Life After Life, Johann Christoph Hampe independently “discovered” near-death experiences in the 1970s. Though both authors explored the phenomenon as possible evidence for life after death, Hampe took a very different approach and produced a profound, thoughtful, meditative exploration of “dying before we die.”

“The accounts of the dying which he has surveyed and included in the text provide an empirical foundation, for all who are open to recognize it, for understanding the peacefulness and joy of dying.” ~ Prof. George Fitchett, author, Assessing Spiritual Needs.

“… an interesting book which examines, among other things, the testimony of some people who have clinically died and been brought back to life. ... Hampe seems justified when he states that our present fearful attitudes to dying are not justified. It can be a release into a new and inspiring order of being. Most of his case histories are of people who expressed real regret at being ‘brought back.’” ~ William Purcell, Expository Times.

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Famed anthropologist and historian of religions Åke Hultkrantz takes us on an in-depth exploration of Native American afterlife journey myths, shamanism, and near-death experiences. An unsurpassed masterpiece of comparative religion and paranthropology, many years ahead of its time.

“A landmark book. Deserves an honored place on the shelf of anyone interested in the anthropology of the paranormal, comparative religions, mythology, and life after death.” ~ Gregory Shushan, PhD, author of The Next World: Extraordinary Experiences of the Afterlife.

“An exemplary analysis… lively and captivating… extremely valuable.” ~ Ivar Paulson, Stockholm University.

“Excellent and scholarly… of outstanding importance.” ~ Frederic C. Bartlett, Professor of Experimental Psychology, University of Cambridge.

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